Stop by Moon Tower Inn for Happy Hour in Houston

moon tower inn houston

If you are looking for a great restaurant with a fun, relaxed vibe, you can't go wrong with Moon Tower Inn. Enjoy a great meal while living in Houston by checking out this local treasure. … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Hosting a Wine Pairing Party at Your Houston Home

wine and food pairings

You don't have to be an expert to host a great wine pairing party at our Uptown apartments. Entertain and educate your guests with these tips that will make you look like a true connoisseur. … [Read more...]

Reach for the Stars at Johnson Space Center in Houston

space center in houston

This summer is a great chance to explore outside your own backyard. In fact, you can even journey to the stars this season. There are lots of great aspects to living in Houston, and one wonderful part is how many great events there are to attend this summer. Reach for the stars at Johnson Space Center in Houston for an unforgettable experience. … [Read more...]

These 3 Pet Boarders Will Take Care of Your Furry Friend in Houston

Doggie Walks Houston

The summer is here and many of us are getting ready for our dream vacations. Leaving our pups behind when we head out for our vacation can be tough, but its made a lot easier when we find the right pet boarder for our furry little friend. Here are some great places near our luxury Uptown Post Oak Apartments where you can leave your dog when you go on … [Read more...]

Savor and Sip This July at The Big Sizzle Event in Houston

Big Sizzle Event Houston

Enjoy an afternoon of summer fun while supporting a worthy cause. The Monogram Apartment Collection is proud to sponsor The Big Sizzle, one of the top charity events in Houston this season. … [Read more...]